SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi And NCT’s Doyoung Love “Itaewon Class” So Much They Want The Signature Haircut

Hoshi was all for it until he saw a preview of “Kwon Sae Yo Ri.”

The drama Itaewon Class has been the talk of the town among idols who have been catching up on the latest shows, especially Park Seo Joon‘s character Park Sae Yo Ri.

NCT 127‘s Doyoung and SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi are the next idols that have been sucked into its charm and the signature haircut.

During an interview with GQ Korea, Doyoung revealed that he’s been tuning in to watch the show. With a bright smile, he confessed how much he’s been enjoying it, “I am watching Itaewon Class with a lot of fun.”

Although he’d just mentioned that there wasn’t any hair color he’d be interested in trying, there was a haircut he was dying to try. “I want to try Park Sae Ro Yi’s hairstyle.” Jungwoo and Jaehyun couldn’t hold back their laughter.

Even though he was already convinced the haircut “will not suit [him],” he was willing to give it a try anyway. Ironically enough, a similar situation happened to Hoshi.

Hoshi shared the love for the unique haircut, wanting to try it out for himself. Since he needed an idea of what it would look like, Hoshi had lifted his bang to make it short and asked Jeonghan how it looked. He found it so funny that he snapped a photo and shared it in SEVENTEEN’s group chat.

Not only that, a fan decided to give Hoshi a better look at how the haircut would suit him. They posted an edit with the caption, “Look at this Kwon Sae Ro Yi.” While the look had Hoshi and Carats cracking up, he thought better of it and decided he “shouldn’t cut his hair.”

From the edits of user @esveteen, Hoshi would actually look quite handsome with the haircut, though.

Whether they decide to go through with trying out the look, it would definitely be a fresh change for Doyoung and Hoshi.

Since fans have already come through with spot-on edits of Kwon Sae Yo Ri, it’s NCTzens turn to make Kim Sae Yo Ri happen. Listen to Doyoung gush about trying the haircut here.