SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Replies With Heartwarming Message To Fan’s Story

Hoshi’s kind words surely comforted many CARATs!

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi has been lurking around the group’s official fan cafe a lot lately. He has been replying to multiple messages and comments sent in by CARATs, and fans are thankful for his diligence in reading them and for taking the time to reply to them.

This one particular CARAT posted about how she feels sorry towards her parents because it took her around two years before she decided and settled on a major she wanted to pursue.

Hoshi was kind enough to reply to the fan’s story with a heartwarming response that will surely make anyone adore him more.

In his reply, he started by saying that he doesn’t know much, but he thinks that parents see their children as precious, and that they want to give everything they can to their child, so the fan shouldn’t worry.

He also made sure to congratulate the fan for passing, to dream more dreams, and to chase it with confidence. Hoshi closed his reply by saying that everyone is living their life for the first time, so we cannot expect anyone to do it right, and that he’ll be cheering her on as they learn to live their own lives together.

Read his full message below:

I don’t know much, but our parents probably view us as their pretty little baby, and wants to let us do whatever we want, and give us everything they can. Don’t blame yourself and worry a lot. Our sincere gratitude and contacting our parents more often can probably already make our parents happy. They don’t wish for much.

Congratulations on passing! Keep dreaming big and fulfill them with confidence. You’re doing so well. Trust in yourself. Besides, you’ve fallen down, so you know how to get back up again.

It’s the first time living this life, so how can you be good from the beginning? Even I’m still having a hard time. Let’s learn together.

I’ll always cheer you on. Do your best and don’t skip your meals!

— Hoshi