SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals How Some Of Their Best Tracks Were Produced

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SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi recently made a special guest appearance in BUMZU‘s concert where he performed one of his unreleased tracks, “Hurricane” and enjoyed with fans.

Hoshi works closely with BUMZU when writing lyrics for songs and when recording them along with the rest of SEVENTEEN. It isn’t surprising that BUMZU knows a lot about the group since he has been working with the members even before they made their debut in 2015.

In one of the segments during the concert where Bumzu and Hoshi spoke to each other, they shared a bit of their process when producing and how SEVENTEEN’s powerful dance track, “HIT,” came in to existence.

It was revealed in the concert that the three of them, Hoshi, Woozi, and Bumzu work out together and while they were working out, they suddenly recorded random sounds in their phones and put them together. When Woozi arrived in his studio, he recreated the music with real instruments and mixed some effects in.

It sounded good to all three, and all members liked it, so they started writing lyrics and recording the song. This is how one of SEVENTEEN’s best dance tracks, “HIT,” came to exist.

They also discussed the difference between Hoshi and group producer Woozi when it comes to producing music. While Hoshi explains the sound through dance moves and attempting to make the sound using his voice, Woozi doesn’t need to do some explaining because he knows what every sound is called.

Listen to SEVENTEEN’s “Hit” here: