SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals How He Overcomes Difficult Times

“Things were just difficult…”

In SEVENTEEN Hoshi‘s latest interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Hoshi discussed hardships and how he overcomes them!

Like everyone else in the world, K-Pop idols go through several hard times and bad days. Hoshi revealed he has, of course, been through tough moments, but never to the point where he felt he needed to give up.

I haven’t had that bad kind of slump yet. Things were just difficult from time to time, but I’ve never gotten to the point of wanting to give up.

— Hoshi

Hoshi commented that instead of getting into a bad slump, he tries to prevent it from even happening in the first place.

I think I just need to find out how to prevent it.

— Hoshi

Hoshi then shared some sweet and encouraging words for fans who facing some hard times.

Q: Say something for fans who has a slump now.

You guys are doing great. Don’t forget you are the most precious one. I hope you get over it.

— Hoshi

Whatever tough times he faces, Carats know Hoshi can conquer it!

Check out the video below: