SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals The Secret Behind His Group’s Unrivaled Synchronization

BTS’s Suga claimed that SEVENTEEN was the best when it came to synchronized choreographies.

SEVENTEEN is a boy group known for performing their complex, fast-paced jaw-dropping choreographies in perfect harmony despite having thirteen members. To this day, they find ways to impress their fans and challenge themselves with new ideas that continue to add to their reputation as the “Kings of Synchronization.”

SEVENTEEN performing their song “Don Quixote” | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

BTS‘s Suga had the chance to ask SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, the leader of his group’s performance team, about the secret behind their flawless moves in the most recent episode of Suchwita. Suga was impressed by SEVENTEEN’s ability to master dances despite having almost twice as many members as BTS.

BTS’s Suga (left) and SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi (right) | BANGTANTV/YouTube

The truth is we want to become the best like BTS,” Hoshi said. Surprised, Suga reiterated that he felt that SEVENTEEN was already unrivaled regarding synchronization.

Hoshi then explained that he and his members didn’t feel like they were the best, but they always gave their maximum effort.

We just want to do the best we can even if we don’t become the best. You have to reach a level of perfection in order to practice, and if you do it right it ends more quickly. So with that kind of mindset, we tried to do our very best. We always do our best.


Suga sympathized with Hoshi, saying that as BTS grew older and had more activities, they had less time to practice as a group. Still, their shared desire to put on the best possible show for their fans drove them to do their best with the time they had.

Watch the full episode of BTS Suga’s Suchwita featuring SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi below. Suga asks Hoshi about his group’s perfectly synchronized performances at the 19:37 mark.