SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals How Woozi Is Helping Him With His Latest Hobby

Their support and friendship are too precious! 

SEVENTEEN‘s charming member Hoshi recently met with ESQUIRE Korea where he participated in an intriguing interview!

In his interview, Hoshi shared how he has recently been getting into songwriting more! Hoshi also credited his fellow talented member Woozi for helping him with his songwriting process!

Q: Did you start anything new recently?

Since I don’t get to meet Carats these days, I try to make a good song to listen to. Whenever I go to the studio, Woozi is there every time.

— Hoshi

SEVENTEEN is well known for their incredible abilities with self-producing the majority of their work.  While their incredible songs are a work of all the member’s ideas and contributions, Woozi is often recognized as the group’s main composer.


Hoshi went into further detail about how Woozi helps him with the challenge of writing new songs

He teaches me how to record songs, write lyrics and stuff like that. That somewhat challenging to me.

— Hoshi

Woozi also helped Hoshi with his latest hit mixtape “Spider” as he was one of the composers and writers for the incredible hit! Their support and friendship are too precious! While filming the music video for “Spider,” Hoshi sweetly mentioned Woozi and stated, “Genius songwriter Woozi wrote the song and I took part in writing the lyrics.


Of course, humble Woozi commented, “All I did was help.” They’re too cute!


Check out Hoshi’s interview with ESQUIRE Korea below:

Source: YouTube