SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Spills TMI About His Birth As A Giant-Headed Baby

He was born extraordinary.

At a recent fan meeting, SEVENTEEN fans got to learn more about Hoshi as he discussed what he heard about his own birth from his parents. As Hoshi shared the detail, he called it “TMI” but Carats could’t have asked for anything more interesting to hear about Baby Hoshi!


Hoshi mentioned that his mother used to call him a little piglet when he was young, because of how “big” he was compared to kids his age.


Hoshi also revealed that when he was born, he was considered an extra-large baby. Keep in mind, the average weight of a newborn baby in the United States is around 7 pounds!

I was one of those extra large babies. I was born at 4 kilograms (approximately 8.8 pounds).

— Hoshi


He continued to share more information about his birth…

Yeah, and my head was so big that they had to suction me out…

— Hoshi


… and Carats slowly became overwhelmed with all the information about extraordinary Hoshi’s extraordinary birth.

And I was simply too big that… well, maybe this is too much TMI. But I was born with a broken shoulder because I was too big.

— Hoshi


Sounds like Hoshi’s parents must have known he was going to be one heck of a kid!


Watch the full clip below: