SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Struggling To Keep A Sheet of Tissue Mid-Air Is All You Need To Watch This Week

Try to fight the urge to blow with him.

On SEVENTEEN‘s YouTube channel, a brand new “1Min7Sec Challenge” video was uploaded. In this video, Hoshi was challenged to keep a sheet of tissue floating in the air for a minute and seven seconds. And while he struggled and eventually failed the mission, CARATs feel super satisfied after watching this cute little video!


Hoshi explained the rules of his 1Min7Sec Challenge mission. He had to keep a sheet of Kleenex afloat, without using anything else but simply by blowing on it, and he had three chances to grab the tissue and start over. Hoshi seemed pretty confident that he could pull it off…


… until he took his first blow and got the tissue mid air. Hoshi soon realized it’s kind of difficult to keep the tissue floating because he was so out of breath. He also realized a minute and seven seconds is not a short time!


Hoshi ends up using all three of his grab-and-rest chances in the first 30 seconds of the mission. This meant Hoshi had to go non-stop for the remaining 35 seconds. He was set on winning the game, so he began blowing even harder than he was doing before.


Unfortunately, the tissue landed on his face and the mission was over. Hoshi eagerly checked the time, but it was only a minute and 5 seconds afloat! Hoshi was greatly disappointed, but nevertheless, CARATs had way too much fun watching.

I never thought I would spend 4 minutes watching a hamster run around blowing a tissue paper into the air. NO REGRETS ❤

— YouTube ID 宜欣

I just spent 4 minutes watching Hoshi blow on a tissue. Best 4 minutes of my entire life.

— YouTube ID Natsurei

Oh boy, that tissue did Hoshi dirty. Our dear Hoshi worked so hard… T-T I’m so disappointed in the tissue!

— YouTube ID carat nuna


So yes, this video of Hoshi the Hamster huffing and puffing around trying to keep the tissue in the air might as well be the best thing on the internet today.

Check out the full clip below: