SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Revealed How A Tarot Card Reading Led Him To Create “Spider”

“It’s kind of funny if you think about it now.”

In his recent interview with ESQUIRE Korea, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi revealed the interesting story behind how and why he created “Spider.”

During his interview, Hoshi was asked what influenced him to start working on a solo track. Hoshi’s story starts back in 2018 where he tried doing a tarot card reading along with fellow members and staff.

Q: I’m curious about what made you work on the song.

It’s kind of funny if you think about it now, but in 2018 I did a tarot card reading with the members and company staff at an event. I wanted to know what was going on (career-wise), so I chose ‘Job Luck’ and drew a card…It said in 2021, my solo song will be out (laugh). Along with the words, ‘You will fail if you don’t prepare hard for it.’ I’m not one to really believe in these things, but somehow I came to believe it. Maybe I just wanted to believe it.

— Hoshi

Following the tarot card reading, Hoshi revealed he did indeed start to work hard on his solo. Of course with a genius songwriter like Woozi in the group, Hoshi stated that Woozi helped a lot in making “Spider.”

Anyway, I started working on my music from then on. Since there’s woozi who is both a talented producer and my member, I received a lot of help from him.

— Hoshi

Hoshi also discussed several details behind the concept of his mixtape as well as the amazing choreography that goes along with it. Hoshi shared that he used the idea of spiders to interpret his aspirations and desires.

I tried comparing dreams and ambition with the idea of a spider. At times, in your way to achieve your dream you feel like you’re being choked as if you’re trapped in a spider web. But the song is about the determination to not give up and continue running forward without stopping.

— Hoshi

As for the choreography, Hoshi mentioned those who helped him in choreography such an incredible dance! Since Hoshi is the leader of SEVENTEEN’s performance unit, Hoshi stated he wanted to make the dance of “Spider” impressive!

I worked with Choi Youngjun hyung. apart from him too, I received so much help from many people. it’s not even exaggerating to say it’s “choreographers-studded gathering”. I sincerely want to do this properly since it’s my first solo.

— Hoshi

Many Carats can surely agree that Hoshi’s “Spider” was indeed successful and amazing! With the incredible setup and creative concept, Hoshi made Carats proud as both an artist and the leader of the performance team!

Since I’m the leader of the performance team in SEVENTEEN, if it’s about dance, I don’t want to lose to other people. So, I prepared a dance using 6 pull-up bars to devise an image of a spider web.

— Hoshi

| @esquirekr/Twitter

Overall, Hoshi’s journey to making “Spider” is quite fascinating and fans see all the hard work he put into it!