SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi And The8 Couldn’t Hide Their Soft Spots For 3 “I-LAND” Trainees

They saw sides of the trainees that made them fall for their charms.

As the group the I-LAND trainees were covering in the latest episode, SEVENTEEN appeared on the survival show and critiqued the choreography they’d learned thus far. Based on what they’d seen, Hoshi and The8 took a particular interest in three trainees that caught their attention.


Since the trainees split into two groups, one performing the energetic “HIT” and the other “Pretty U”, the group performing the former went first. SEVENTEEN was impressed with how well they did, clapping as soon as they finished.

When giving feedback, there was one trainee who caught The8’s eye: Ni-ki. His “charisma” had The8 not wanting to look away from him, “Ni-Ki, I really felt something in your gaze. It really made my gaze fall on you.

While The8’s pick had been out charisma, Hoshi’s had been all about a feel-good vibe. In the middle of the second team performing “Pretty U”, all the SEVENTEEN members with attacked by Ta-ki‘s cuteness. Dino and Hoshi fell to the floor from cuteness overload. Hoshi stayed there and gripped his cue cards to his chest, smiling. He was so fond of Ta-ki he even asked for an encore, “One more time. One more time. One more time. One more time.”

The last trainee that had every SEVENTEEN member losing their mind once more was Daniel. He closed out the relay dance with an adorable bang. Being the maknae, he turned up his youthful charms to the max. Jun, Dino, and The8’s mouths dropped open while Hoshi once again fell to the floor.

Although SEVENTEEN’s appearance in the episode was brief, they definitely saw the best sides of the trainees and weren’t ready to be attacked with their cuteness. See Hoshi, The8, and the rest of SEVENTEEN’s reactions to three of the trainees who took them by surprise most.