SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi And The8 Are True Intellectuals For Their Method Of Teaching Choreo

It’s not about the dance moves; it’s about how they do them.

As members of SEVENTEEN‘s performance team, Hoshi and The8 are half of the best dancers of their group. They’ve proven themselves not only through their effort but their ability to teach others.

For them, choreography isn’t solely about executing the dance moves; there’s a deeper level of understanding that’s involved. It’s all about the angles.

When DK did a kick as part of the choreography, Hoshi instantly corrected him on the angle at which he did it, “When you kick, the angle isn’t ninety degrees.” To show the proper angle, Hoshi lifted his leg and did it himself.

At another point in the practice, SEVENTEEN lifted their legs as Hoshi instructed them what degree they should change the move to. On top of knowing when an angle isn’t correct, Hoshi can determine the degrees by mere sight.

After watching DK dance, Hoshi called for his attention. The angle of DK’s head hadn’t been where it should’ve, “I think you must turn it three degrees more.” Even he was taken aback by Hoshi’s detail, asking if he’d really meant three degrees. Hoshi isn’t the only one with this ability.

During The8’s appearance as a mentor on the Chinese version of Produce 101, he taught the trainees the choreography to “Highlight”. Using the same method as Hoshi, he instructed them to make a forty-five-degree angle with their moves. Just by looking, he could determine the angle wasn’t right and told them to try again.

When they were doing another move, The8 told them to freeze in place, “You all need to remember this angle.” To make sure their angles would be precise, he even went to the bathroom while they stayed in that position.

Many people complain about not using the skills they’ve learned from school after graduating. The8 and Hoshi are the opposite, utilizing those geometry skills to make their choreography precise.

See both of these intellectuals in action, making everyone interested in sharpening up their math skills.