SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Turned Their Game Into A Hilarious Roasting

Vernon was loving Hoshi’s hilarious honesty.

On SEVENTEEN‘s hit variety show GOING SEVENTEEN, Hoshi brightened everyone’s day by accidentally turning their game into a hilarious roasting.

Hoshi | @pledis_17/Twitter

Since it was Mingyu‘s turn to deny all their questions by saying the opposite, Dino started off smoothly by asking, “You think you look good wearing the hat backward, don’t you?” Mingyu answered adorably, “Nope! It doesn’t look good.

Hoshi was so into it that he didn’t ask a question at all and quickly said, “You look like a tadpole.S.Coups was the first to react, everyone laughing at the sudden outburst of honesty.

Making it funnier, Woozi joked that Mingyu and Hoshi might have a score to settle. He said, “I think he meant it. Why don’t you guys go over there and have a talk?

DK and Vernon were loving the hilarious moment. The former said, “Plain criticism is better,” while the latter said, “That was nice.

The members are so close they never pass up a chance to joke around with each other.

Hoshi and Mingyu. | @pledis_17/Twitter

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