SEVENTEEN Reveals How Meaningful Their Debut U.S. Performance On “The Late Late Show With James Corden” Is

It held even more meaning for Joshua.

To mark their U.S. television debut, SEVENTEEN performed their hit track “HOME;RUN” on the well-known program The Late Late Show With James Corden.

In addition to receiving stellar feedback from viewers on their impressive stage, they revealed why it was such a meaningful moment through their interview with the YouTube channel REACT.

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Joshua stepped up to reveal it was one of the television shows he’d grown up watching.

Since he’d seen so many of his idols perform on the show, he’d always hoped SEVENTEEN would be among them. “For me, personally, I’ve been watching the James Corden show for a really long time. All of the artists that I really respect came on the show, so I always wanted our group to perform on this show.

Because they stood on the same stage as so many other talented artists had, Joshua expressed how much of a dream come true it was. “Such an honor for us to actually be on the show that I’ve been watching since I was young.

Seungkwan also shared their initial reaction to finding out they’d be on the show.

It was a moment the group had been excitedly waiting for. “It felt like, ‘We’re finally doing this!’ I remember that feeling.

See their humble reaction to having their debut U.S. performance on such a well-known show.