SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Reveals How Much The Audience Affects His Confidence

“While performing, the audiences’ reaction…”

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo recently participated in a stunning pictorial for WAVES Magazine (China)! Along with his gorgeous pictorial, Wonwoo also did an intriguing interview.

In his interview, Wonwoo expressed how the group’s long hours of preparing and perfecting themselves in practice help him exude confidence on stage.

Q: I (WAVES interviewer) feel that you are a particularly confident person on stage. Does the audience reaction affect your emotions a lot while you’re on stage?

I am a person who naturally feels confident as long as I am prepared. Because we always practice for a long time and because we are fully prepared for every performance, I can show a very confident appearance every time.

— Wonwoo

Furthermore, Wonwoo shared touching words on how the reactions of Carats while he’s on stage also give him a great boost of confidence.

While performing, the audiences’ reaction does have an effect. If the people in the audience are cheering for you, it makes your mood better and the excitement of the performance will increase, but I don’t think it impacts that much.

— Wonwoo

Aside from his personality on stage, Wonwoo revealed that even though his personality was quite passive in the past, he has been gaining a lot more confidence lately.

Q: Are you also confident in your personal life as well?

Before, my personality was relatively negative. Recently, it’s changed a lot and my confidence has increased.

— Wonwoo

At the end of his interview, Wonwoo shared a sweet me for his Chinese Carats.

Many Carats are giving us so much support and we will show them more cool music and performances for Chinese Carats in the future. I love you (in Chinese).

— Wonwoo

As for his New Year resolution, Wonwoo conveyed he merely wants things to get better in 2021.

In the new year, I hope everything will get better and more people will enjoy better music with us, and I hope for everyone to be happier!

—  Wonwoo

| WAVES Magazine