The Fight So Wild SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Got Braces From Being Hit

It turned out more painful than he expected.

Although it may seem like idols were born with perfect teeth, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan told the funny story of how he got braces as a child—thanks to an unforgettable fight.

Jeonghan | @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

On an episode of Jeonghan’s Warm Glass Of Milk, the idol recalled getting braces during his middle school days and pointed out there was a particular reason for doing so.

Like children do, Jeonghan and one of his friends got into a fight. Despite being young at the time, they fought so roughly that Jeonghan took a direct hit to the teeth.

I had a fight with my friend, maybe a year ago from that time. And I got my front teeth hit by him. I got my front teeth hit while fighting.

— Jeonghan

At first, Jeonghan noticed the hit “felt weird” but didn’t think too much of it. He soon realized the lasting impact that one hit would have.

A while after the fight, Jeonghan noticed his front teeth growing in curved instead of straight.

As time went by, the front teeth were getting twisted because of that. The front teeth started overlapping. So I wanted to correct it.

— Jeonghan

Jeonghan laughed while revealing he “pulled out two teeth” and was “so painful” that he called his mom and cried.

I recall, when I was in second grade of middle school, that I was calling my mom while holding the wall. ‘Mom, it hurts so much.’ I remember I was crying.

— Jeonghan

Because listeners wanted to know, Jeonghan admitted he “got hit but didn’t lose the fight.” In the end, he was rewarded with crooked front teeth that needed a little bit of painful TLC.

From how straight his teeth are now, the braces paid off for Jeonghan and created a memory he and fans can now laugh at.