SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Is The Glue That Holds All 13 Of Them Together Forever

And the members love him to death.

In an “Anan Magazine” interview, SEVENTEEN members once revealed how they feel about their teammate Jeonghan, who is the second oldest in the group. Each and every single member of SEVENTEEN poured his heart out to Jeonghan, for being the best brother, friend, and a “mother figure”. And fans realized Jeonghan is the glue that holds SEVENTEEN so strong and close together!


The team leader S.Coups was the first to call him a parental figure for the fellow teammates. He pointed out that he is grateful for Jeonghan for picking up after the things he fails to do.

Jeonghan will listen to the younger members when I’m not available. He also picks up after me, when I fail to do certain things. He’s the group’s father and the mother. I am so grateful for him.

— S.Coups


Joshua also called Jeonghan the group’s mom-figure. He commented that Jeonghan will “always listen to the members, especially when they’re exhausted or are going through hard times.”


Jun admitted that he relies on Jeonghan a lot and revealed that Jeonghan will always put the members’ needs before his.

Jeonghan always puts us first. He’ll always ask us if everything is okay or if there is anything bothering us. And I really appreciate that. I love how loving and caring he is, like my own mother. I really depend on him and rely on his support a lot.

— Jun


Hoshi also claimed that Jeonghan is the most affectionate toward all the members. He called Jeonghan “a good person who will always embrace the members with warmth”.


Wonwoo called Jeonghan his go-to person for whenever he’s in crisis. Because Jeonghan is so caring and an excellent listener, Wonwoo ends up taking his troubles to Jeonghan and talking them out until he feels relieved.

Jeonghan is someone I can always count on to talk things out with. He will usually approach me first and ask if I’ve got anything on my mind. So even when I don’t mean to share everything with him, I end up doing so anyway. He’s such a good listener.

— Wonwoo


While Jeonghan sounds like a mature, thoughtful person, Woozi pointed out that he has a cute side too. Woozi shared, “Jeonghan has a lot of aegyo and can be really playful.” According to Woozi, Jeonghan not only listens to the members, but also makes them smile and laugh – with his silly jokes!


The8 also mentioned that while Jeonghan is an excellent “mom”, he also doesn’t make things uncomfortable by keeping the mood light.

Jeonghan is an amazing listener. He will always hear me out and it makes me feel so at home. But at the same time, he doesn’t like when things get too serious – so he’ll keep things light and casual. That makes it even easier for the members to open up to him and feel safe.

— The8


Mingyu praised Jeonghan for being a great sports partner. While Mingyu and Jeonghan have almost nothing in common – they still get along fantastically because the two of them can bond over a game of badminton or soccer!


DK commented that he finds Jeonghan to be both very mature and very cheeky. For the younger members, Jeonghan is the playful hyung that likes to pull pranks on them and tease them. DK noticed that Jeonghan isn’t particularly good at sharing his own feelings – but he will always stay open to the members.


Seungkwan agreed with DK and called Jeonghan a “hyung that can be the baby”.

Jeonghan can be like a little baby from time to time, but he is always trying to be a great hyung to all the members. He’s so considerate and caring. Oh, and he loves to sleep!

— Seungkwan


In fact, Vernon titled Jeonghan to be “the member who makes him feel most comfortable”. By being friendly and approachable, but considerate and mature, Jeonghan lets Vernon unwind by making him feel right at home!


And last, but not least, the maknae of the group Dino has a special place in his heart for Jeonghan. Dino outright called Jeonghan his “mom” in the group – and confirmed what all the other members have been saying is absolutely true; Jeonghan is perfect for SEVENTEEN.

He’s like my mom. He’s so loving and considerate of the members. He’ll be the first to catch if any of us isn’t feeling 100%. He’s perfect for us!

— Dino


Fans can’t help but fall in love with Jeonghan – for all the stellar reasons the members found in his loving personality. Fans and members both appreciate Jeonghan’s kind-hearted nature and absolutely adore him for the beautiful person he is inside out!