SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Picks The Top 3 Visuals Of The Team But Mingyu Begs To Differ

Who are your top visuals for SVT?

Group SEVENTEEN made a guest appearance on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros and had a fun time playing games with the cast members.

On the members’ application form for the show, Mingyu wrote that their strength was the ‘Kim Trio’ for Jeonghan, Mingyu, and Vernon.

When asked what that meant, Mingyu revealed that it meant they were the best looking trio.

Comedian Lee Soo Geun then asked, “Are you three the top 3 for visuals?”

To this, Jeonghan answered with maximum confidence, “You could say that!”

This time, they asked Jeonghan to choose the top 3 visuals out of the entire group.

Jeonghan responded, “Honestly, I feel that in terms of good-looking members…”

“…I don’t think there are any…!”

But since he had to choose, he started off with Vernon as number 1…

…Joshua as number 2…

…and himself as number 3!

He also added jokingly, “I don’t think that Mingyu is good-looking!”

Although it was meant to be a joke, Mingyu couldn’t help but be annoyed. “I never thought that you were good-looking either!”

All jokes aside, we know that they are all visuals in their own way and it’s these different styles that bring a unique and bright quality to the group!