SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Became Rapper Yoonzino, And They Were His Biggest Fans

They weren’t ready for rapper Jeonghan to take over.

In episode forty-four of SEVENTEEN‘s GOING SEVENTEEN 2020, the group took fans along with them on a trip—with a twist. They acted as if the cameras weren’t there, sparking an amusing moment where Jeonghan became his rapper alter ego.

When half of the members sang karaoke as they waited for dinner, S.Coups and DK couldn’t go on without having Jeonghan perform his signature karaoke song: Beenzino‘s “Aqua Man”.

S.Coups even yelled, “Jeonghan! Come here quickly!” Realizing Jeonghan was outside, DK and S.Coups were so excited that they stood in front of the windows and tried their best to get his attention.

As soon as the song began, Jeonghan introduced his rap name. “Yoonzino.Hoshi, S.Coups, and DK all burst into laughter while Woozi couldn’t hide his shock at the hilariously clever name.

When Jeonghan bust out his rap skills, all of them hyped him up. From shouting his name Yoonzino to waving their hands, they were loving the performance. They weren’t the only ones, either.

Even though The8 was outside in the cold as he grilled some of the food for their dinner, he was jamming right along to Yoonzino’s performance from his front-row seat. When Jeonghan saw The8, he cracked up.

The8 started jumping up and down to hype Jeonghan up as well, with the other members following his lead and jumping to their feet to join him.

The members of SEVENTEEN weren’t the only ones enjoying “Aqua Man”. After the episode was released, Beenzino’s name shot right up into the top ten on streaming site Melon.

Even the comment section on the music video for “Aqua Man” was flooded with Carats who were loving Yoonzino and wanted to hear the original song.

Since Beenzino recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, some fans even joked that Jeonghan’s alter ego could perform at their wedding.

While it’s funny to think about, everyone can still enjoy Jeonghan becoming Yoonzino in the episode. Watch the members hype rapper Jeonghan up here.