SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Reply To Request For A “MAMA” Spoiler Will Crack You Up

He gave fans something even funnier than a spoiler 😂

When it comes to spicing up the situations on SEVENTEEN‘s variety show GOING SEVENTEEN, Jeonghan is the person that always delivers laughs. When a fan requested a spoiler during his live Jeonghan’s Glass Of Warm Milk, he was just as hilarious with his response.

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While reading viewers’ comments, Jeonghan realized many were asking for something specific. With only a day to go until the Mnet Asian Music Awards, some fans wanted a hint about what to look forward to. “They want MAMA spoilers.

Being the voice of reason, Seungkwan shut down any possibility. “We shouldn’t.” Jeonghan didn’t waste the opportunity to do what he does best.

Playing on the words of the show, Jeonghan made up a tall tale that his mom would come up on stage with them to perform. “At MAMA, my mama will show up.” Seungkwan couldn’t stop himself from laughing, “Nonsense.

Jeonghan kept the hilarious lie going by sharing the details all the way down to the song, “My mom will come and do the ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ dance.” He even did the point dance of the choreography while laughing.

By then, Seungkwan really couldn’t keep it together. He laughed right after asking, “What’s wrong with you, man? Seriously.

There’s no need for Seungkwan to question it. Everyone can just sit back and have a laugh at Jeonghan’s outrageous tall tales. It definitely took everyone’s mind off the upcoming awards show.

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Source: Naver Live