SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Reveals Which Era He Feels He Looked Best In

Which era is your favorite?

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan is known for his incredibly stunning visuals! Once he debuted and the world saw his long hair and angelic visuals, people knew he was something special!

Since his iconic long hair, Jeonghan has sported several other gorgeous hairdos and colors! So which look was his favorite, Jeonghan answered that very question during his interview with 1st Look Korea.

During his interview, Jeonghan was asked, “What was the best album for Jeonghan visually?” While many Carats (SEVENTEEN’s fans) would choose every album, Jeonghan chose his concept from “Don’t Wanna Cry.”

For me, I personally liked the concept and my visuals for ‘Don’t Wanna Cry.’

— Jeonghan

Jeonghan explained he especially enjoyed his bleached blonde hair and short-cut.

It was the time when I cut my hair very short and I also bleached my hair so I had blonde.

— Jeonghan

Furthermore, Jeonghan explained that his overall visuals went perfectly well with the concept of the song.

My hair was completely blonde then and I feel like it went really well together. The whole concept, styling, and more just kind came together. So I do think about ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ a lot.

— Jeonghan

Jeonghan was truly handsome during SEVENTEEN’s “Don’t Wanna Cry” era!