SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Reveals The Main Thing That Completes His “Handsome And Pretty” Visuals

His duality is truly on another level!

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan is an idol with many talents! One of his talents that Carats are endlessly stunned by is his ability to be both pretty and handsome at the same time!

From his debut, Jeonghan has gained a lot of attention for his visuals! From looking angelic in one moment to suddenly being sultry, Jeonghan is the full package. In his interview with 1st Look Korea Jeonghan explained how he believes he gained the title of the “Handsome and pretty one.”

Q: You were known to be the “Handsome and pretty one” from the moment you debuted! What do you think is the reason behind this?”

I always had the longest hair among all the members of my team. I think people call me that because I’m good-looking, and I have long hair. So, I guess I looked pretty too.

— Jeonghan

When asked if he felt he was the prettiest among the members of SEVENTEEN, Jeonghan confidently answered, “Yes. I do believe I’m the most handsome and the prettiest.”

Jeonghan then finally revealed the secret to being having pretty and handsome visuals! While he was clearly blessed with gorgeous visuals, Jeonghan shared he feels it’s his nice skin that really brings his looks together!

Q: What completes my “Handsome and pretty look?”

I think something that completes my ‘Handsome and pretty’ look is…my skin? I do consider skin to be very important, so I’ll pick skin.

— Jeonghan

According to Jeonghan, cleansing is an essential part of skincare and uses a specific balm type cleanser to get the job done!

I consider cleansing to be very important and don’t…I don’t use anything. I tend to use balm-type cleaners.

— Jeonghan

Check out the interview below:


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