SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Shares Why He Felt “Betrayed” By The Other Members On The Day Of DK’s Sister’s Wedding

Jeonghan didn’t know how to react.

During a recent live broadcast, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan spoke about a hilarious incident that happened on the day of DK‘s sister’s wedding.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

Jeonghan shared that the members discussed what they should wear to the wedding, as they didn’t know whether they should dress comfortably or more formally.

After talking with each other for a bit, the members decided that they were going to dress comfortably.

On the day of the wedding, Jeonghan wore jeans and a sweatshirt and headed to the hair shop where the members were.

As soon as Jeonghan walked in, a stylist asked him, “Jeonghan, are you going to go wearing that?“. Jeonghan then replied by telling the stylist that the members all agreed to dress comfortably.

Jeonghan then went to where the members were, and he was shocked when he saw all the members wearing suits! Jeonghan even jokingly stated that it looked like the members were dressed for their own wedding.

Jeonghan was surprised by this and asked the members, “Didn’t you say you’d wear something comfy?

Not only that, but Jeonghan also felt “betrayed” that the members didn’t tell him that they were going to dress this formally.

Jeonghan then faced a dilemma as he didn’t know whether he should go home to change into more formal clothes or just stick with his comfortable outfit. He even asked the stylists at the shop for their opinions, and they were also divided.

In the end, Jeonghan went back home and changed into more formal clothes.

Source: V LIVE