SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Spills On How DK Embarrassed Himself In Public

It happens to everyone, even idols.

The members of SEVENTEEN are no strangers to making fun of each other. In Jeonghan‘s latest episode of Jeonghan’s Warm Glass Of Milk, he revealed how DK ended up embarrassing himself instead.

Earlier in the day, before the episode aired, Jeonghan mentioned that he’d stopped by Pledis Entertainment with Joshua and DK, eating dinner afterward. It was their return to the dorm where things took a funny turn.

After receiving a ride home from their manager, DK and Jeonghan arrived at their dorm and waited for the elevator as usual. Wanting to have a bit of fun while they waited, Jeonghan “started doing some dance moves… in front of DK.”

Since their positions were necessary for the story, Jeonghan made it clear: “I was facing the elevator… DK was looking at me, showing his back to the elevator.”

Able to see when the elevator would stop at their floor and when the doors opened, Jeonghan continued dancing. DK was so amused that he “tried it” for himself. He didn’t half-ass it, either: “Instead of moving hands, he moved his entire body.”

Since Jeonghan noticed the elevator reaching the first floor, he’d stopped dancing. DK hadn’t received the memo and had no idea they were no longer alone. While laughing, Jeonghan recalled, “DK couldn’t see it and kept doing it. And, someone was in the elevator.”

Rather than alert DK, Jeonghan watched, noting “the person seemed puzzled” by it. Avoiding making the situation awkward but funnier, they came up with a way to handle it: “The person went out pretending as if he was talking on the phone.”

When the doors opened, and Jeonghan met their eyes, DK realized what had happened. “He suddenly pretended to talk over the phone. DK was too embarrassed.” DK asked Jeonghan, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

From embarrassing yourself from dancing in public to having a friend who’ll stand there and let you do it, everyone can relate to how DK was feeling. Listen to Jeonghan recall the hilariously embarrassing story here, starting from 3:35.