SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Really Tests His Limits With Tasty Guys’s “One Bite” Challenge

From Jeonghan the Small Mouth to Jeonghan the Big Mouth

On Tasty Guys, a mukbang (food eating) TV show featuring four comedian show hosts, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, Jeonghan, Joshua, and Mingyu featured as guests and challenged themselves to stuff their faces with as much food as possible!


Unfortunately for Jeonghan though, because he lost the mini-games which cost him the “eligibility” to dine with everyone else, he only had two “bites” that he could take from all the food.


Jeonghan accepted his fate and decided to make the most out of his two bite chances. First, he tried his luck with a whole slice of pizza…


… which failed miserably. Jeonghan could barely fit half the slice in his mouth. Even that, he struggled to chew and swallow.

Wow, how do you [hosts] do this? You guys are amazing. I felt the pizza touching the back of my throat, I couldn’t possibly put in any more.

— Jeonghan


On his second try, for a veggie wrap with rice and marinated crab meat, Jeonghan did a lot better. He was able to fit the whole wrap in his mouth…


… and really appreciate the flavor of it too!

Oh wooooow.

— Jeonghan


Looks like Jeonghan got the hang of the “One Bite” challenge now. SEVENTEEN members better watch out when he asks for a bite of their food!


Watch the whole video here: