SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan And The8 Are The Two Types Of People Who Bungee Jump

You’re either a Jeonghan or a The8.

Bungee jumping is one of those activities that’s avoided for dear life or jumped into headfirst. SEVENTEEN‘s The8 and Jeonghan proved how they fit into each type during the group’s Esquire interview.

The8 and Jeonghan.

In a segment of In Or Out, the group decided that bungee jumping was definitely “in.” Jeonghan and The8 had different perspectives on it, though.

Jeonghan understood why people were so excited to let loose and take the freeing plunge. The8 didn’t share the adrenaline rush, smiling as he listened to the explanation.

So I tried it out, and I could see how it can relieve stress. And it gave me a sort of sense of accomplishment… It felt good.

— Jeonghan

At first, The8 couldn’t quite put into words how to describe the feeling. He began to say, “I’ve gone bungee jumping before, so it’s not like I particularly…

Hoshi, Jun, and Wonwoo completely understood when The8 summed the feeling up by saying, “I don’t really wanna invest more time in it.” Once was enough for him—maybe even one too many.

Whether you’re a risk-taker like Jeonghan or down-to-earth like The8, the choice is yours. Check out SEVENTEEN giving their two cents on bungee jumping from their GOING SEVENTEEN special.