SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Took Off His Jacket And Carats Got Way Too Excited About It

Well, that escalated quickly.

At a recent fan meeting, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan was spotted being an angel and entertaining Carats with their requests for him to pose in different headbands.


Then, in a pair of black bunny ears, Jeonghan blew a playful kiss to the audience. Carats, who can never get enough of Jeonghan’s aegyo, asked for a second round.

Do that again!

— Carats


Without thinking about the timing though, Jeonghan decided to take his jacket off. Seeing so, Carats — including Jeonghan’s #1 fanboy Mingyu — got even more excited and began screaming!


Jeonghan, who realized what expectation he had just set, shook his hands in the air and tried to explain he wasn’t trying to show off anything…

Oh no, no, no! It’s just too hot. No…

— Jeonghan


But the heat was already turned up. Carats surely enjoyed Jeonghan taking off his jacket like a K-Drama character… but moreover, they deeply enjoyed watching him get flustered over it!


Watch the full clip here: