Stage Malfunction at the SMA turned SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan into a “Transparent Guy”

A mistake at the Seoul Music Awards during SEVENTEEN‘s performance forced some members to be late on stage.

During SEVENTEEN’s song “Chuck”, five members were to be brought on stage by a lift but it seems that it was too slow and did not come up in time to have the boys on stage.

The funny part was that, member Jeonghan was still singing live and could be heard by the audience but he was nowhere to be seen. While he was singing, the cameras kept filming the empty spot where they were supposed to arrive. The other members were all on the side, seemingly not knowing what to do.

The confusion caused viewers to dub Jeonghan as the “Transparent Guy” since all they could hear was his voice. The group later made up for the awkward incident by performing a powerful remix of “Boom Boom”. Luckily, Jeonghan was present the whole time while performing their title track!

Check out the performance with their “invisible members” down below at 1:05.

Sources: Pann