SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Goes Viral For Not Letting His Arm Cast Hold Him Back

Seungkwan was shook and concerned 😂

Proving that SEVENTEEN concerts are a fun time for everyone, Jeonghan went viral for a funny moment where he yanked his cast off. It quickly caused laughter from the members’ reactions and Jeonghan’s funny antics.


During the group’s performance of “Snap Shoot” at their BE THE SUN concert in Seoul, Jeonghan was wearing an arm cast after receiving surgery on his elbow. That didn’t stop the idol from having some fun.

After untying the cast, Jeonghan pulled his arm right out of it and began to dance with his bandaged arm. The8 and Seungkwan burst into laughter as they joined him.

Joshua, DK, and Hoshi danced along with them as well. There was someone who was quite worried, though.

While Hoshi hyped up Jeonghan, Seungkwan tried to calm him down and keep his arm safe.

Knowing his arm was still healing, Jeonghan eventually moved to the side and put his arm back in his cast to finish off the stage.

Carats who work in the medical industry poked fun at seeing Jeonghan taking off his cast and energetically dancing, which was the complete opposite of what someone with his injury would be instructed to do by professionals. Other fans found it just as amusing, gaining the clip over a million views.

When they saw Jeonghan keeping his cast on for the next performance of “Snap Shoot”, fans couldn’t help joking that he “got scolded by the doctor.

It looks like nothing can stop Jeonghan from having a little fun, even their medical staff.