SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Weird Food Combination That’ll Make You Question Everything

Seungkwan didn’t want to encourage it 😂

SEVENTEEN shared some of their funniest memories from their trainee days and exposed one of Jeonghan‘s weird food combinations that none of them were eager to stamp with approval.


When Dino mentioned one of the desserts they ate at the convenience store during their trainee days, DK and Joshua were excited to remember the ice cream cone.

Joshua even remembered “something weird” that one of the members would combine the ice cream with.

Imitating how Jeonghan would eat it, Joshua revealed, “Jeonghan dipped his chicken leg in the soft serve.

It was such an unusual combination that S.Coups admitted, “Only he could do that.” Jeonghan stood by the combination and said, “It really is good!

Jeonghan turned to Seungkwan for help by trying to spark his memory of eating “fried chicken that you eat dipped in ice cream.” While Seungkwan made the funniest face, Mingyu was the one who remembered the ice cream, fried chicken, and waffles combination.

Despite none of the members agreeing with the combination, Jeonghan tried to explain that it “really does taste good.

Since restaurants are serving fried chicken sandwiches topped with ice cream, Jeonghan might be onto something.

Fried chicken sandwich topped with two scoops of ice cream. | Reddit

Check out Joshua exposing Jeonghan’s unusual food combination from their trainee days.