SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Comeback Hairstyle Is Drastically Different

SEVENTEEN’s comeback comes with a lot of changes, but perhaps the most drastic change comes in the form of Jeonghan‘s striking new hairstyle.

Jeonghan debuted with SEVENTEEN in 2015 and has always been known as that SEVENTEEN member with the shoulder-length hair.

His distinct appearance and shoulder-length brown hair made him easy to spot among the 12 other members.

Over the last couple of years and through their numerous comebacks, Jeonghan has taken full advantage of his longer locks and showed off several unique and eye-catching hairstyles.

Jeonghan has changed his hair up quite a few times in the past two years!

When teaser images and videos for the newest comeback were released, Carats (SEVENTEEN fans) realized that this new hairstyle was his most drastic yet.

His new hair suits him well.

Just when you thought Jeonghan was out of ideas for hairstyles, he changed up his hair color and length again. His platinum locks are sure to grab anyone’s attention.

Jeonghan’s shock of platinum blonde hair and light eyebrows are incredibly striking.