SEVENTEEN’s Joshua And DK Made The Funniest Appearance At NCT 127’s Show

Caratzens were having too much fun.

NCT 127 made history by being the first K-Pop group to perform at the Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo. They turned the whole rodeo into their own concert with the number of fans who filled the audience, holding their light sticks high.

To make the moment even better, fans spotted a hilarious appearance by SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua and DK that no one had been ready for.

On one of the venue’s huge screens, there was one specifically for displaying photos of the audience enjoying the show. While most of them were fans smiling and holding their NCT light sticks, there was one that immediately had NCTzens wondering what shenanigans were going on.

In the bottom right corner of the screen, there was a photo of Joshua and DK. Making it even funnier, they were somehow captured with an NCT light stick, like they were physically at the show.

A fan had not only taken the photo from Joshua’s Instagram…

and added the light stick for a finishing touch but continuously posted it to the #RodeoHouston hashtag on Twitter until it was shown.

As if seeing NCT 127 exiting the venue on a truck and yelling, “Yeehaw,” hadn’t been iconic enough.

Along with the group’s accomplishments and new experiences of performing at the rodeo, this funny moment just made it even more memorable.

Who would’ve thought that SEVENTEEN’s first “appearance” at an NCT show would be this?