The First Thing SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Does In The Morning Had Them Ready To Roast Him

S.Coups and Hoshi had equally funny reactions 😂

The members of SEVENTEEN love to joke with each other and didn’t spare Joshua when he made a comment that was too good not to roast.


Teen Vogue asked the group for the first thing they do every day. While most of the members kept it simple by checking their phones or taking probiotics, Joshua took a hilarious turn. He said, “I look in the mirror.

As soon as the words registered, the members burst into laughter, especially Hoshi and S.Coups. Mingyu was ready to poke fun at him by saying, “How does it feel?

Even DK had to join in with, “As soon as you wake up, you check yourself out.” Jokes aside, Joshua had a particular reason for the habit.

Although Joshua is indeed handsome, he does the check only to see if his face needs a bit of TLC or if he’s good to go about his day. He explained, “It’s kind of a ‘face check.’ To see if my face is puffy or not.” The members immediately understood.

Like a true family, SEVENTEEN are ready to poke fun at each other at the drop of a hat. See them have some fun roasting Joshua just a bit.