SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Didn’t Have A Clue An Unexpected Guest Crashed His Interview, And It Goes Viral

SEVENTEEN always delivers the unexpected 😂

The members of SEVENTEEN are so unintentionally funny that it’s always better to expect the unexpected.

But when Joshua sat down for a mini-interview, fans weren’t ready for the hilarious moment that would go viral.


In a behind-the-scenes moment from IN THE SOOP SVT ver. SEASON 2, Joshua sat down for a serious talk. He folded his hands together and carefully chose his words. Little did he know, there was an unexpected guest in the background.

Although he was out of focus, fans immediately knew it was Jeonghan. Being his silly self, he kept dancing while Joshua continued his talk.

Carats adored the funny moment between the “unserious” besties and couldn’t stop replaying it, especially since Joshua didn’t know what was happening behind him.

Even when a SEVENTEEN member isn’t aware of it, they still end up being a part of the fun.

Jeonghan and Joshua | @DazzlingBoy1230/Twitter