SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Reveals Why 2PM Makes Him Want To Change His Nickname “Gentle Sexy”

He has many sides to him!

SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua is known to be soft and sultry! His duality is seriously on another level! While he has always lived up to his self-proclaimed nickname, “gentle sexy,” Joshua shared he wants to make some changes.

Joshua recently participated in an intriguing interview and stunning pictorial for Weverse Magazine! In his interview, Joshua was asked to share that while he likes his nickname, he revealed 2PM has made him want to drop the “gentle” part of the nickname.

Q: These days you refer to yourself as “gentle sexy” JOSHUA. You’ve jumped up a level from “gentleman.”

I said I want to be soft but a bit more sexy, half-jokingly (laughs) because I feel like I don’t want to be just soft and innocent on the stage anymore. If you look at 2PM, they have a cool, mature vibe. I think it’s important to have that kind of aura.

— Joshua

While Joshua wants to show off a more mature side, his gentle and sexy side certainly both radiated in SEVENTEEN’s 8th Mini Album Your Choice Concept Trailer : “I dream of love”

I think you can see that gentle sexy side of you in the I dream of love trailer. The fans got all excited about the way you stared at the bouquet.

I was trying to capture the essence of the lead single, ‘Ready to love.’ In the video, I’m falling in love with someone I’m close friends with. I think I had that sparkle in my eyes because, while I was acting, I was imagining I was waiting for the person I love on the day I had chosen to show my love for them with flowers.

— Joshua

Joshua shared that even off stage, he has started to become more grown-up and is able to show a more mature side of himself.

When do you get the feeling like you’re more grown-up?

I didn’t want to be the one to make a fuss before, so I decided to just put up with things, but I speak up now when I feel it’s necessary. But only when it’s just me and one other person. You know, if I say something to them in front of a bunch of other people, they might feel intimidated. It’s a problem to be solved just between us, so there’s no need to do it where other people are watching. I was never the kind of person who talks about their feelings, but I think I changed after spending time around the other members.

— Joshua

Source: Weverse Magazine