SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Reveals Why He’s So Thankful For Wonwoo’s Family

When times were tough for Joshua, they gave him what no one else could.

Over the years, SEVENTEEN formed a bond as a family, making their actual families close with each other as well. Before reaching that point, Joshua was often lonely since leaving his home in America to come to Korea.

Although he missed his family, Joshua revealed he was able to get through it thanks to Wonwoo and his family.

As Joshua recalled a special memory about Wonwoo, he noted how connected their families were. The distance between their mothers strengthened their friendship, “For Wonwoo, our parents are close. My mother and Wonwoo’s mother are very close because my mother is not here. She is in America.

Without Joshua’s mother there in Korea to look after him in the way only a mother can, Wonwoo’s mother did her best to step in.

Of those times, Joshua couldn’t forget spending dinner with them, “Wonwoo’s mother often took very good care of me. I remember with Wonwoo, his mother, his younger brother, and his father we ate a meal together. At that time, I really missed my family.

Because he’d been missing his own family then, being around Wonwoo’s family had made him feel right at home.

It was a comforting moment Joshua was extremely thankful for, “But when I am with Wonwoo and his family, I feel like I’m with family. And it’s really comforting to me. So, I was so thankful. I was so thankful at that time.

Since then, Joshua has been able to find that comfort in the big SEVENTEEN family: “I used to get homesick a lot when I first came to Korea. But, now all my members, I’ve stayed with them and lived with them for so long. So, they’re basically my family.

He’ll always treasure the precious memories with Wonwoo’s family since they were by his side when he needed it most.

See Joshua relive the heartwarming memory with Wonwoo and his family that he still touches his heart today.