SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Was Scammed In The Philippines And Filipino CARATs Have The Funniest Reactions To His Return

He definitely came prepared this time!

It’s well known now that SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua decided to spend his Chuseok holiday vacation with his mother in the Philippines. Despite being seen hanging out in a public mall and bar, Filipino CARATs kept quiet about his presence so that he could relax on his trip without worrying about being mobbed by fans.

Sadly, although Joshua seemed to enjoy his time in the country, he was still victimized by a common scam a few dishonest locals use on visiting foreigners. Since Joshua wasn’t familiar with the taxi rates in the Philippines, he revealed that he had been tricked into paying a driver over 3 times the amount he owned! Other problems included being unable to withdraw money from ATMs and his bank cards being denied at convenience stores and his hotel. He recounted the incidents with a disclaimer saying that he didn’t think Manila was a bad place just because of what had happened to him.

Filipino CARATs immediately took to Twitter to post memes about how Joshua would prepare for his trip back to the country with his group. A lot of fans joked about how Joshua would definitely bring cash and be warier now that he’s been fooled once.

Others claimed he would lead SEVENTEEN with newfound confidence since he had already explored the Philippines alone.

Hopefully, none of the members fall victim to scams while enjoying the sights!


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