Here’s When SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Will Reveal His Abs

Jeonghan tried to make it happen right then and there.

Since SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua is known for his gentle-sexy charms, the idol has maintained his sexy status with how muscular his arms have become. Because he’s been hitting the gym and bulking up, fans wondered if Joshua is ready to show off the fruits of his labor and reveal his abs.

Joshua | Weverse

When S.Coups, Joshua, and Jeonghan were featured in Elle Korea magazine, one fan asked about a promise Joshua made. He said he would reveal his abs five years from then. S.Coups read the question, “It’s been five years. Are you ready?

Jeonghan tried to make the reveal happen right then and there by reaching to lift up Joshua’s shirt. He said, “Just show them now.” Joshua had other plans, though.

Joshua tried to explain what he’d originally meant, “It could be five years after twenty years, not five years from then.” S.Coups knew exactly what he was trying to do.

Once Joshua admitted his mistake, S.Coups jokingly made him apologize. Joshua then revealed when he’d finally do the reveal.

Joshua: I made a mistake when I said that.

S.Coups: You admit it [was] wrong, right? Apologize.

Joshua: I’m sorry.

Although S.Coups suggested he give a new timeframe for the reveal, Joshua kept it simple by saying, “I want to show them when I’m ready.

Now everyone will be surprised when Joshua shows off his abs—whenever he feels comfortable.