SEVENTEEN’s Jun Found Out That Seungkwan And NCT’s Jungwoo Bond By Making Fun Of Him — Here’s How He Reacted

It’s all in good fun!

Idol friendships are always fun to hear about especially when the information is coming from the idols themselves. Recently, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan shared some hilarious information about his friendship with his fellow ’98 line squad member NCT‘s Jungwoo that involves his group member Jun!

NCT’s Jungwoo | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan (left) and Jun (right) | @pledis_17/Twitter

In the newest episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, the members are grouped together in sets of threes and fours and talk about a variety of things while drinking. One of the sets includes Jeonghan, Jun, Woozi, and Seungkwan who have a good time talking and hilariously trying out new ways to take shots.

During one part of the episode, Seungkwan has a moment where he stares at Jun who asks him why in surprise. Seungkwan says he was just watching him, but it seems to trigger a thought in his head and he brings up the fact that he is friends with NCT’s Jungwoo shortly after. When Jeonghan prompts him to continue, Seungkwan explains that they are actually friends with many of the members of NCT and meet up with them often.

Seungkwan then spills that they talk about Jun, and that they share funny stories about him. Woozi adds that a lot of K-Pop idols have taken to impersonating Jun and that they call Seungkwan to see how good their impressions are. Seungkwan then pretends as though he’s on a call with Jungwoo as he impersonates him.



Seungkwan actually decides to call Jungwoo at that moment and when he picks up the two go straight into their best Jun impersonations causing the other three present to fall into laughter. Jun then asks for the phone and proceeds to grill Jungwoo about impersonating him.

The other members tease Jun for “impersonating himself” while he talks to Jungwoo and Jeonghan tells Jungwoo to keep practicing his “Jun voice.” Jun hilariously yells for him to practice more and come get tested by him instead!

NCT and SEVENTEEN’s friendships are hilarious and we hope to hear about them more in the future!

You check out the full episode below: