SEVENTEEN’s Jun Helped The8 Spoil His Solo Track Right Under Everyone’s Nose

No one had a clue at the time.

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 amazed listeners with the Korean and Chinese versions of his new solo track “Side By Side”, immediately topping Chinese charts and ranking high on Korean ones.

Though the release was a welcome surprise for fans, he and Jun had previously dropped a clever spoiler without Carats even realizing it—until now.

The8 and Jun.

During the group’s performance of “VERY NICE” for the GRAMMYsRecording Academy, Jun and The8 put a different twist on the choreography where they meet.

Instead of Jun only putting his arm around The8’s shoulder, they pointed at each other and added a few new moves. Although it appeared playful at the time, it was a major spoiler.

The additional choreography turned out to be one of the signature moves of “Side By Side”, which The8 slays with a female backup dancer.

In another part of the “Side By Side” choreography, they also face each other just like Jun and The8 did for their part.

When it comes to dropping spoilers so clever that they easily escape fans’ notice at first glance, SEVENTEEN are the kings.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

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