SEVENTEEN’s Jun Has A Brand New Nickname, Given By His Loving Teammates

It kind of fits him nicely too!

During a live broadcast for SBS channel’s InkigayoSEVENTEEN went against each other in a game of speed. In the process, Jun ended up with a brand new nickname — endearingly given by his fellow teammates!

For the game, members had to play rock, paper, scissors and the winner had to bop the loser on the head with a squeaky hammer before the loser blocks it with a metal pot.


Jun went first, against Wonwoo — who is actually known for his slo-mo mode being toggled on 24/7. So this already was working in favor of Jun.


Regardless, Jun wanted to make sure he won. So as soon as he realized he won the rock, paper, scissors…


… he grabbed that squeaky hammer and bonked Wonwoo with all his heart.


And doing so, Jun ended up kicking his leg up like an animated character…


… and Seungkwan caught that! And boy, did Seungkwan not miss out on the chance to poke fun at Jun!

Wow, Jun! You looked like Sailor Moon as you hit Wonwoo. We’re going to call you Sailor Moon Junhui from now on.

— Seungkwan


And that, my Carat friends, is how Sailor Moon Junhui was born.


Watch the whole broadcast here: