SEVENTEEN Jun Outsmarted His Members So Well They Didn’t Know What To Believe

They learned not to underestimate the 96-line, especially Jun.

Putting a fun twist on the famous franchise Ghostbusters, SEVENTEEN decided to turn into Mousebusters for a three-part special of Going SEVENTEEN. With nine of the members acting as the Mousebusters, there were four that acted as the mice: the 96-line.

While they’re typically funny when together, they joined to create a group of masterminds ready to outsmart their members. Jun turned out to be one of the most clever with how effectively he had the rest fooled.

After Joshua and S.Coups discovered Jun’s hiding place, he took off running to avoid capture. He didn’t get too far before he was surrounded by Seungkwan, S.Coups, DK, Mingyu, and Joshua. Jun wasn’t bothered because he had a trick up his sleeve.

Covering himself to avoid their attacks, Jun announced that he was ready to use a special skill, “Wait! I’m using the special ability!

Since each mouse had an ability to avoid capture, Jun told them how his worked. He repeated, “Stop for ten seconds,” as he ran away from them. They all obeyed him and stayed still, counting down the seconds out loud.

While running away from them, Jun turned around and shouted, “Gotcha!” He had every single one of them fooled. Freezing them in place hadn’t been Jun’s special ability at all.

S.Coups was the first to catch on, “Did he lie?” They were all taken aback by the unexpectedly smart trick. As they ran to catch up to Jun, they still tried to figure out if it was fake: “Did he trick us?” “What the hell?” “Did he lie or what?

Since Jun is one of the most playful members, they weren’t ready to see his clever side. Watch Jun outsmart them so well with his trick that they couldn’t tell the truth from fiction.