SEVENTEEN’s Jun Stuns With His Strength When Handling A Wardrobe Malfunction

He took care of it like a total badass.

SEVENTEEN kicked off their “HOT” comeback with a stage for KBS‘s Music Bank but encountered a wardrobe malfunction that Jun handled like a total badass.

From the start of the performance, Jun tapped into his charismatic persona and looked the part in one of the chic outfits from the music video.

Due to Jun’s powerful dancing, the necklace he wore became tangled up with the fabric of his outerwear.

During a break in the performance, when he moved to his next position, he used the chance to get it out of the way.

There was one problem. The necklace was so attached to his clothing that it wouldn’t come off with a gentle tug.

Showing his strength, Jun used both of his hands to rip the necklace clean off. Making the moment even more badass, he tossed the necklace to the side before jumping right back into the choreography.

The simple show of Jun’s strength left Korean and international Carats amazed by how strong the idol is.

See Jun prove that his muscles aren’t just for show.