SEVENTEEN’s Jun Watched Out For Jeonghan’s Safety During “Pretty U”, And No One Had A Clue

Their choreography flows so smoothly that a lot fans missed it over the years.

Depending on the concept they’re going for, SEVENTEEN‘s choreography can either be super intense or effortlessly fun. Although “Pretty U” would be on the latter side of the spectrum, there’s one part of the choreography that poses a danger to Jeonghan.

Fortunately, Jun has always been there to lend a helping hand—literally.

Having thirteen people on one single stage can make it harder for someone’s eyes to decide what to focus on. Considering that and how well SEVENTEEN’s choreography flows together, noticing Jun’s actions make it that much more surprising.

While the rest of the group waved their hands and bounced around, he was kneeling behind them to avoid being seen. He was in the perfect position to help the person who’d be coming toward him.

After hitting the dance moves, Jeonghan bends forward and walks backward. Since that could easily be dangerous by bumping into someone or tripping over something, he doesn’t have to go into it fully blind. Like clockwork, Jun reaches out a hand to safely guide him where he needs to go.

The small act had fans realizing how much Jun has been looking out for Jeonghan over the years. He didn’t direct Jeonghan to safety for just one performance; he’d done it for every single one since the song’s release in 2016. It’s such a soft moment that a Carat even pieced together multiple times where Jun had been right there for Jeonghan.

While some eagle-eyed Carats had already peeped Jun’s small act, others hadn’t ever noticed it until now. Even if you look at something numerous times, like a performance, it can still be easy to miss things that are right there.

As if Jun and Jeonghan’s friendship wasn’t precious enough, the fact that they’ve been watching over each other makes it even more so.

Watch one of the many performances where Jun was Jeonghan’s personal guardian angel.