SEVENTEEN Jun’s Post With NCT Dream’s Renjun And Chenle Had WayV’s Kun Feeling Jealous

Big brother Kun had to figure out what was happening.

With nearly two million followers on Weibo, SEVENTEEN‘s Jun is always posting something interesting for fans. This hairstyle from one of his posts had Carats making the funniest memes and his fellow members laughing.

In his latest post, Jun decided to share a rare moment with his close friends, NCT Dream‘s Renjun and Chenle.

There was one minor problem. When WayV‘s Kun spotted the post, he was feeling just a bit left out.

Jun posted a photo of himself with Chenle and Renjun, all of them dressed in suits. It had been something he’d searched high and low to find, revealing, “This photo was buried deep in my photo gallery…took a long time to find it.”

While some fans may have thought it was a photo from only a few months ago, Chenle pointed out it was actually from years ago. He commented, “Us who were young and inexperienced, two years ago.”

Renjun wasn’t focused on how old the photo was at all. Being his confident self, he couldn’t resist mentioning their stunning visuals, “These three people are incredibly handsome.” Kun soon added a comment of his own.

Since Jun hadn’t uploaded a photo that included Kun among them, he simply said, “Wow…” Jun had a reasonable explanation, though. One that a true friend would take into account.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to share a photo of all of them. The one with all four of them didn’t come out well enough for Jun to feel confident sharing it.

It looks like everyone, including Kun, will just have to wait a little bit longer for a good photo of all of them together.

Source: Weibo