SEVENTEEN Doing The Absolute Most So Jun Can Win On “GOING SEVENTEEN”

Jun has the purest soul.

For the latest two episodes of GOING SEVENTEEN, the theme was “Runner-Up Sports Day” to celebrate Children’s Day in Korea. In a field day competition where the members would compete through races, dodgeball, and “human color flip,” the actual winner would be whoever was second place, not first.

The secret mission for these episodes, though, was to make Jun win (so have Jun place second overall), and the other members went all out to complete it, all while having to keep Jun in the dark. The results: two episodes of SEVENTEEN acting like they’re in kindergarten, and Jun being the cutest of them all.

Starting with a mission relay, the members played around and messed with one another. On the last leg of the relay, Mingyu even pretended to fall. However, it was a double-con to make it look like he wanted second place, only to ultimately finish before Jun.

Next was a game of dodgeball, and while the members confirmed that Jun was still clueless, Seungkwan accidentally spilled the beans within four minutes.


While Vernon tried to cover up his mistake, Seungkwan charged bravely forward, and thankfully, Jun remained oblivious.

This only emboldened Seungkwan, turning the mission into an on-the-spot agreement to help Jun win. Sometimes, hiding in plain sight is the way to go.

Joshua let loose as he always does for GOING SEVENTEEN episodes, which allowed him to play off losing on purpose.

Before the final race, SEVENTEEN openly discussed what order to finish in to let Jun win. Throughout the field day, Jeonghan made sure that he was always teamed up with Jun so that after the last race, if he took first place (err second for the final race, which would land him first overall), Jun would win as runner-up.

Still, it wouldn’t be SEVENTEEN without the use of random superpowers, so after starting the race in “normal fashion,” Woozi used a made-up power to drag them all back before proceeding with the original order. The best part about it was how all the members played along.

Throughout the episodes, SEVENTEEN was constantly gushing over Jun’s cuteness, and after he won, they joyfully threw him into the air.

Until the end, Jun had no idea, allowing #GOSE_JunWinningDay to go without a hitch.

For all their goofiness and “deception,” this has to be one of the sweetest episodes of GOING SEVENTEEN.


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