SEVENTEEN Jun And Wonwoo Recall The Craziest Things They’ve Seen At Their Concerts

They may be energetic on-stage, but Carats are just as wild off-stage.

Over the many years since SEVENTEEN‘s debut, the group has had many concerts and opportunities to see things they wouldn’t expect. Thanks to their interview with Billboard, Jun and Wonwoo shared the wildest things they’ve seen.

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In a round of twenty questions, the magazine put a focus on the audience, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in the crowd of one of your shows?” Jun shared his moment first, with an act that would indeed surprise anyone.

Since SEVENTEEN are full of energy when they’re on-stage, that same energy transfers to fans as well. Jun was surprised to see some Carats throwing caution to the wind and just going for it by, “Crowd-surfing.” Wonwoo’s moment was a bit more sentimental.

Wonwoo had been amazed by how deeply fans connect with their songs and how it’s projected through their eyes: “Energy emitted through the eyes of the audience completely differs as the song we sing on stage changes.” He can’t tear his own eyes away, “It’s incredibly interesting.

Because SEVENTEEN can switch between being enthusiastic and sentimental through their performances, it’s no wonder that Carats would receive that energy and come up with their own wild ways to show it.

Source: Billboard