SEVENTEEN Loved This Compliment So Much They Had To Hear It Twice

Imagine being complimented by all 13 members.

Teen Vogue recently asked all of SEVENTEEN to participate in a compliment battle on their YouTube channel.

SEVENTEEN on Teen Vogue’s compliment battle video | Teen Vogue/YouTube

Of course, knowing how chaotic the members can already be on their own, they couldn’t help but do their best to one-up each other with exaggerated gestures and dramatic interpretations.

Initially, the game’s goal was to get the person being complimented to laugh and break character, but things quickly got out of hand in the best way possible. All of them ended up constantly giggling and toying with one another.

More than 7 years after their debut and after going through the most challenging battles together, including fighting to have their contract renewed with their company PLEDIS Entertainment, the boys still found it cringey to say good things about each other face to face! They had to sneak in some teasing and jabs eventually.

There was one pairing that stood out among the rest. Vernon and Jun had a face-off for the ages. Jun was so dedicated to getting his line correct he even asked his members to check his pronunciation!

He channeled his acting skills and threw his whole body into the performance. Although Vernon didn’t crack, the rest of the members did.

It was so good that they demanded to hear it twice! This time, Vernon broke just hearing his name in the encore. Maybe it was for the best since the whole line might have been too much for SEVENTEEN to handle.

All the members were impressed with Jun’s acting skills and expressiveness!

Despite everything they’ve been through, SEVENTEEN remains one of the most down-to-earth K-Pop groups in the world. CARATs are looking forward to seeing more international activities from the boys on their Be The Sun 2022 worldwide tour!

Catch all the compliments SEVENTEEN used for battle in the full video below.

Source: Teen Vogue/YouTube