Here’s How SEVENTEEN’s Manager Keeps Track of All 13 Members Like A Boss!

It works and it’s cute.

On an episode of Point of Omniscient Interfere, SEVENTEEN‘s manager shared the real struggle of managing a thirteen-member group. Manager Jeon Young Hwan explained that keeping track of all thirteen members while on the move is a stressful part of the job – but thanks to this classic military-style tactic, the manager can assemble the whole team in just seconds!


The episode followed SEVENTEEN and their three managers’ usual day. When the team arrived at a broadcasting studio for a music program, everyone fell in to place and got to work. While the SEVENTEEN members got dressed for the performance, their manager began handing out the members’ name tags for the dry rehearsal.


Unfortunately, with thirteen members and other staff members packed in a small waiting area, the manager faced some difficulty in pinning down the members in a speedy manner. He soon realized he had a couple name tags left over…


… so he called for a special SEVENTEEN-style “roll call” time. When the manager asked for a count off, SEVENTEEN member S.Coups immediately shouts, “One!”


The manager explained that the SEVENTEEN roll call system was created for urgent situations when the staff have to make sure all thirteen members are present. Each SEVENTEEN member had been given a unique number, in the order of their ages, and is expected to call out that number when there is a count off!


When no one called out “Two”, following S.Coups’ number, the manager was instantly able to figure out that Jeonghan is missing. The show hosts got to see how exactly the count off is supposed to work and complimented that it’s actually quite effective for a team as large as SEVENTEEN!


The count off picked back up at “Three”. Numbers 3 through 9 were successfully counted off, by Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, then Mingyu, until the manager hit another MIA member, DK, whose number is 10.


As soon as Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino called off numbers 11 through 13, the manager set out to look for member number 2 and member number 10!


Once the two missing members returned to the team, the manager decided it’s time to be on the move! As the team tried to catch an elevator, the manager used the count off system once more to make sure everyone is present and ready to go downstairs. When the manager asked that numbers 1 through 7 get on the first elevator, SEVENTEEN members listened. The seven older members hopped on the elevator, naturally called out their numbers for a final count off, and then headed down!


On another elevator, the manager led on numbers 8 through 13. The younger members also got on, counted off, and went on their way. SEVENTEEN members were able to successfully reach the dry rehearsal without anyone missing – thanks to the manager’s count off roll call!


Meanwhile, Seungkwan shared that sometimes counting off in public does become a little embarrassing for the members. He shared that as rookies, the members used to be a lot more enthusiastic about the count off…

It didn’t matter who’s watching. We’d all shout – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… 13, end of order!

— Seungkwan


… but as a senior boy group now, SEVENTEEN members now pretend like they aren’t actually counting off – especially when other rookies are watching. Seungkwan playfully admitted that it kind of kills SEVENTEEN’s “cool vibes” to still be counting off like rookies!

It’s kind of embarrassing now. We still do it, but it’s embarrassing. So we pretend not to be counting off when we call out our numbers. I mean, sometimes we want to look awesome around the junior groups… but they might make fun of us for doing a count off!

— Seungkwan


Regardless, the roll call count off is definitely working for SEVENTEEN members and the managers! No member has yet been lost in transit or left behind on elevators, so that’s proof. Besides, CARATs are having a blast hearing about it. It’s a SEVENTEEN thing and fans are in love with all SEVENTEEN things – even the count off.