SEVENTEEN’s Manager Once Panicked When He Thought He Lost Mingyu—You’ll Never Guess Where He Was

Imagine keeping track of 13 members!

During an episode of On Omniscient Point of View, SEVENTEEN‘s manager, Jeon Young Hwan, panicked after he thought he lost the group’s sleepiest member Mingyu.

SEVENTEEN is a huge group of 13 talented members! With so many members, one can only imagine how difficult it is to keep track of everyone.

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Despite their manager being super organized and alert, he somehow lost sight of Mingyu. The manager was at a loss since they had all been in the same dressing room together. Trying to keep on track of their schedule, the group’s manager searched through the small crowded room. As the members slept, their manager lifted each of the puffy jackets they were using as blankets. To no luck, the manager couldn’t locate Mingyu.

The manager announced he would go and search for Mingyu but Hoshi sweetly advised him to eat first. Of course, their kind manager was too concerned over Mingyu to eat.

In their manager’s interview, he explained that Mingyu will usually fall asleep somewhere and appear right before it’s time to get to business.

I keep thinking he’ll be somewhere. He usually sleeps anywhere, and he appears before it’s time to go.

— Jeon Young Hwan

Funnily enough, Mingyu shared with the Omniscient Point of View MCs that he was actually in the same room as everyone else. The MCs laughed at how hilarious the whole situation was.

The MCs also tried to spot Mingyu in the recording of the moment but were unsuccessful. Mingyu then suddenly appeared and everyone was shocked when he popped up from his napping spot.

Just like their manager claimed, Mingyu always appeared right on time to get his makeup done.

Check out the clip below: