SEVENTEEN Members Discuss Which Members They Would Date…If they had to

SEVENTEEN chose members they would not date in a recent episode of a famous radio show Cultwo Show.

Members playfully fought among themselves when the MCs asked, “If you were a girl, who would you not want to date?

Dokyeom chose Mingyu because he thought Mingyu was way too clean for him.

Mingyu got back at Dokyeom by choosing him as the member he wouldn’t date!

“If I was a girl, I would never date Dokyeom cuz he never cleans. I could never share a room with him.”

— Mingyu

The hosts then asked, “As a girl who would you want to date, then?

Woozi: “Do you HAVE to choose from here?”

Seungkwan: “I was thinking the exact same thing. We’ve seen it all (I would rather not date any of them).”

But ever the loving Hoshi, he had a completely different answer!

“I want to date each and everyone of them!”

— Hoshi

With Hoshi’s generous love for his members, they all agreed to treasure each other as family.

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